Sport Nutrition

Protein powders

LaVitella offers  a wide range of protein powders in different flavours and variable formulas. Most of the proteins are dairy based, such as whey protein, whey protein isolates, hydrolised whey protein, micellar protein, milk protein and caseinates. Other types are egg proteins and vegetable sources such as soy, wheat and pea protein.

Massbuilders & gainers

Mass builders or gainers contain proteins, carbohydrates and,  on demand,  a blend of vitamins which helps you improve your body and muscle mass.

LaVitella offers different types of gainers,  completely tailor-made according to your wishes.

Isotonic powders

LaVitella is also your partner for powder based isotonic drinks. Our isotonic powders are very  useful and efficient for endurance athletes and easy to use in combination with water. They will provide you with an optimal combination of carbohydrates, minerals  and electrolytes in order to replenish your glycogen reserves and maintain your electrolyte balance.

Recovery drinks

Also try our powder based recovery drinks. It is important that after each athletic endeavour  your body recovers as fast as it can. LaVitella offers recovery drinks with the most efficient combination of simple and complex carbohydrates, amino acids and proteins.