LaVitella cares about quality, safety and hygiene. Together with our suppliers of raw materials, the production facilities and external laboratories, we continually monitor the production process from ingredient to finished product. This also applies to the certification and traceability of each ingredient ensuring food safety and consistency of quality.

In order to guarantee the best performance for our customers, LaVitella and its partners work with the highest quality standards and requirements.

Our main principles

  • Best product, best price
  • High quality-standards


Logistics have become an essential part of our daily work. Every action or decision is preceded by a logistical process, which for LaVitella is one of the core organizational principles.

We have a team of experts who take care of the logistics. For the distribution of our finished products, we work together with first class transporters who know how to treat foodstuffs.

Our main principles

  • Strategic purchase of raw materials and ingredients
  • A strict production planning
  • An accurate inventory of raw materials, ingredients and finished products
  • A just in time and on the right place distribution